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Descripción de la Ostrin Q10

The Oyster's strength lies in its high taurine content, which breaks down lactic acid (a waste product of the muscles). It contributes to higher energy levels, better concentration and stamina, and provides relief from temporary fatigue. ENRICHED WITH:
Coenzyme Q10
Is the key to energy production in the body. Extra intake of coenzyme Q10 effectively combats fatigue and muscular weakness. It has a highly positive impact on speed of recovery and endurance.
Extramel is an extract from a variety of mellons with very special features. Extramel contains a cocktail of anti-oxidants which protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals.
The extract of the ginseng root Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer helps to boost performance, eliminate listlessness and improve concentration.
Taurine en zinc
Zinc and Taurine work in synergy and are important in maintaining the memory function and helping us to store and retrieve information.


OstrinQ10 is mainly used in case of heavy physical strain (also for topsporters), fast recuperation, better performances! Is also ideal for mental strain and supports the flow.

OstrinQ10 is NOT a drug: it doesn't contain a single ingredient that is on the list of forbidden products if the IOC and can be used by sportsmen without any problem.

El uso de Ostrin Q10

Kids from the age of 12: 1 tablet every other day during or after breakfast.
Adults: 1 tablet per day during or after breakfast.

To obtain a longlasting effect, it is advised to take this for a couple of days.
Ostrin Q10 30 St comprimidos
€ 27,60
€ 24,84

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